Help keep our promise to Scot!

Donate to Support Childhood Cancer Families

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$100,000 goal

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We made a promise to Scot that we would help families battling childhood cancer, help children/young adults get into trial programs when their insurance wont cover it and most importantly to help in finding a cure so no family will have to go thru what we did!

How we are helping families!

Using compassion we are sharing our story and letting them know they aren't alone but most importantly being a shoulder to lean on or cry on!

  1. We find out what their basic needs are.
  2. House Cleaning
  3. Cooked meals
  4. Deliver meals to families at the hospital via restaurants, volunteers or Door Dash
  5. Help with getting family and friends to help with their basic needs.
  6. Deliver Backpacks to newly diagnosed families. One for the parents and one to the child. These backpacks have stuff to keep the kids occupied with a Team Scot blanket and socks. The parents backpacks have items to keep them organized with information to keep them informed and who to turn to for help.

Trial programs

  1. We are in the infancy of this program

How we are helping to find a cure.

  1. Spreading awareness on how important it is to donate your child's Tumor/Tissue to research from diagnosis.
  2. Donating to Rhabdomyosarcoma Research Teams and all other childhood cancers.

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